English shotguns

Shooting Instruction

Learning to hit a moving target with a shotgun
can be problematic without proper training.
Where and how to look, a proper gun mount,
foot position, and gun fit all work in concert
to provide success in the field and on the clays
course. I am a certified NSCA shooting instructor
trained by Don Currie. I strive to get beginner
and intermediateshooters up to speed on good
shooting mechanics in order to advance their success
both at the course and in the field. You will never
regret taking a shooting lesson.

Cost for this service is $300 – the lesson
may last up to 3hrs. The student
will be responsible for the cost of ammo
and targets. I can provide a gun should
it be required. I look forward to you taking a step
towards your understanding of the mechanics required
consistantly hit a moving target. I hope you schedule
a lesson today by clicking the email link below.

Hill Rod & Gun Co.

e-mail: info@hillrodandgun.com

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