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We offer a wide array of quality, fine, English shotguns, including
a healthy selection of very affordable "entry level" shotguns for 
the newcomer to the British shotgun and the fellow on a rigorous budget.

We also carry several fine pieces to opt as second or third shotguns for those rough shooting situations where sensibility dictates parking the Purdey in the pickup, favoring a veteran workhorse of a gun . . . all-business, yet pleasantly sleek and sensitive in your hands and really rather pretty in its own right because, after all, it was for the most part hand crafted, as well . . . as you plunge down thorny holler in pursuit of the really big roosters behind your little all-heart spaniel who goes absolutely anywhere after hot scent and emphatically demands that you follow her (where did that come from? A thousand pardons).

Finally, we truly have some very affordable, really nice guns that would be a privilege and a pleasure for anyone to own, shoot, and enjoy.

Perhaps you'll find something to suit your needs.

May we remind . . . English 2 1/2" 12 bore game guns are light, trim and well balanced, averaging 6 1/2 pounds. They are more akin to Yankee sixteens and twenties than they are to our twelve bores as to gun weight, shot charge (typically 1 or 1 1/16 ounces), balance, and feel in the hands . . . they are diminutively responsive.

May we recommend . . . for the ruffed grouse, woodcock and quail, select a lighter gun (6 to 6 3/8 pounds), 26 or 28 inch barrels, and open chokes. This arrangement lends itself nicely to quicker shots in challenging cover.

For the pheasant, waterfowl and prarie game, we suggest a longer tubed, tighter choked, and slightly heavier gun. The extra barrel length and weight facilitate swinging through the target, while tighter chokes assist success on longer flushes.

May we pontificate . . . the 6 1/2 pound, 2 1/2" English 12 bore game gun is irrefutably ample for any game bird situation in which the American sportsman might find himself.

Good Shooting!

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